About Koré

"I strongly believe that tatu's are for HEALING, EMPOWERING and TRANSFORMING-in mind, body and spirit. Each tatu has its own power in its placement and process, especially in noticing what acupuncture merdian and points are involved. Many of my clients find that this awareness alone is empowering and healing."

I have always been interested in tattooing. I remember sitting on my grandfathers' lap as a small child and staring at the tattoos on his arms. I began collecting tattoos as soon as I turned eighteen and was interested for many years in becoming a tattoo artist. Jamie Somers was an inspiration to me because she was one of the few well known woman tattoo artists. When Jamie passed away, I wanted to continue her trademark of tattooing custom designs with a spiritual connection.

Pat Martynuik, of Picture Machine Tattoos in San Francisco, CA, hired me as his apprentice in 1984. I worked with Pat from 1984 until 1986, and I was the only woman Pat ever apprenticed.

I obtained my first tattoo on April Fool's Day when I was eighteen years old. Twenty-two years later, on April 1, 1990, I opened my studio, "Tatus by Koré, Inc." We are located on the ground level of the Orbit Mall on the Southeast corner of Lake and Lyndale near Uptown Minneapolis. Originally, we were located on the second floor next to the Hair Police, then in July of 1995, we moved downstairs into a much larger studio offering plenty of sunlight and a comfortable, spacious atmosphere.

"Tatus by Koré, Inc." has been decorating the community since 1990. We offer only custom work because we believe that tattoos are a reflection of the individual, hence "Soul-Surfacing Skin Designs". We invite you to come by the studio anytime!